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Vancouver Roofers - that would be me, Omar. I am a SEO(Search Engine Optimization) professional. I am a sole practicing marketing consultant. I work for several different kinds of companies and currently also work for one local non profit organization. The biggest group of my commercial clients consists of roofing contractors, gutter contractors and other light construction firms. This group is a little more that one third of my business.

I have been helping Roofing Contractors and light construction companies generate sales leads on their websites since 2006. I didn't start out with special knowledge of roofing, but over the past 4 years, my clients have taught me a lot and I have gained increasing knowledge of what works. For example, some of my clients specialize in cedar roofs and for them, making the case right from the beginning of the special benefits of cedar roofs is critical to getting them profitable sales leads.

Light construction companies are by nature, locally oriented. Some businesses can take leads from anywhere in the country, even anywhere in the world. But a roofing contractor can only profitably roll a truck so far. My work with roofing contractors greatly increased my experience getting search engine traffic from a particular area. I can help you make sure you get leads from all of your target area. If you want personal service to help you get the sales leads your business needs to thrive, call me on 604-723-seven seven-33.

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We help residential roofers and other businesses generate sales leads right on their own websites. we report reasonable cost per lead for strong, local leads. just call me on 604-723-seven seven-33.

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Roofers, roofing contractors and other businesses websites can be guaranteed for top 10 ranking on Google. just call me on 604-723-seven seven-33. first I will check your website and will make a guaranteed top 10 ranking proposal for your website.

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